What inspires you? I am inspired by stories of and from people who have succeeded in the face of diversity; by those who have gone the extra mile and been rewarded for their efforts; by those who have given it their all, and their all has been just enough, and the people who have done the right thing(s) because they can without expecting anything in return and have been blessed. I am inspired by people who have done things I have only dreamed of doing and those that have shared their dreams and experiences with others.

This past week I have been contemplating what to write for an abstract for a conference next year that I would like to present at.

First I should say I have never presented a paper at a conference. I have been to many conferences and a symposium. In fact I was at a one day conference just last week. It wasn’t at this conference that I first got the idea to present/speak at a conference. It was my first conference, the ALIA conference in Alice Springs in 2008 that inspired me initially. There I heard Stephen Abrams and Inga Lunden for the first time. They were two of the keynote speakers at the conference, and I will aspire to inspire as they did that day.

Second I should say that the reason I want to present at the conference is because I think it would be a fun but scary thing to do that will no doubt put me way outside my comfort zone! I will have to work on my public speaking, because I want to be one of those speakers that people afterwards say “wow, now I want to try that!”. So, how do I do that? I believe that it has to be a combination of content and presentation skills. The content has to be real and I have to deliver it in such a way that the audience becomes involved at an emotional level.

Other suggestions welcome!

Who am I? Why would you want to listen to me? A little bit about me, I have only been a ‘proper’ librarian since 2009. Before that, I did however work in a college library, a public library, a school library and a hospital library while I was getting my graduate diploma. Before that, I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Science and a Master’s degree in Nutrition. You guessed it, I am not a young woman. I am now in a fantastic job as a senior librarian of client services. What makes it so fantastic? My manager and co-workers (decent pay helps too). I commute 2 hours each way to my job, which I work at 3 days a week. (Yes that means I am job sharing – more on that in another post!) Did I mention I work with fantastic people? We are doing exciting things in our library, not only are we in the middle of re-designing the website used by the entire state’s department of health employees, I am team leader for a LibGuides project that is coordinating library staff developers across the state with the help of Champions in many different fields, and I am involved in a new marketing campaign for all of the health libraries!

When I’m not working or commuting, I can be seen with my camera, or my iPhone, or working on an insane x-stitch project (49 pages of pattern! more on that in another post too). I travel a lot. This year I have driven 1400km just to take our son to university (and 1400 km back), flown to London, then Milan, and spent time in Germany for Easter, spent a week in the Northern Territory during the mid-year school break, flew to see son at uni when he crashed his bicycle and had to spend 4 days in hospital, then back to Europe, this time France, Germany and Italy, and lastly a flight to Melbourne for the conference last week. I love to travel!

This year has been my year to explore new technologies. I was given an iPad to use during my long commutes, and not long after that I bought an iPhone which I now don’t know how I ever lived without it! I now use Twitter to keep up with fellow librarians and to learn more about management and how to be a leader. I already had facebook and a blog, but I am learning there is so much more available. We added a wood stove and solar power to our home this year, and my garden has fed many people. I was lovingly called the veggie lady on the train for a while… as I took pumpkins and tomatoes, then later oranges and mandarins into work for weeks on end. Now we also have chickens that lay way more eggs than we can possibly eat, so occasionally I can be seen taking a dozen eggs into the city.

So what makes me think I can possibly inspire anyone? I don’t really know, I do know that I love the feeling of being inspired and I’d love to be able to inspire others.



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3 responses to “Inspiration

  1. Lorraine

    Hey Bonnie. Have you thought of joining a Toastmasters club? I know there are some in your area….. there they would support, advise and let you practice

  2. I think that you are inspirational. You always have such a positive attitude and you just seem to get out and do so much.

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